Sheriff Removed From Office

Jack Studebaker, Reporter – The Clarke’s Mill County Sheriff has been formally served an eviction notice for the office located in the Cedar Creek Shopping Center according to the property’s landlord, Horace B. Crumbpacker.  Papers were served by Deputy James Barnes on Wednesday, but since Sheriff Robert “Bud” Butterworth was unavailable at the time, the Deputy accepted the papers on the Sheriff’s behalf.

The Sheriff’s office has been located in the Cedar Creek Shopping Center adjacent to Sonshine Tanning & Christian Bookstore since last year when the previous office on State Street was fumigated for weasels and subsequently burned down due to faulty wiring. 

The current location was previously occupied by The Donut Queen Donut Shop whose owner, Ben Pomeroy, wants to return to the property.  

Crumbpacker, who owns a number of properties in Puddlegulch and Standing Rock, chose not to renew the lease with the Sheriff’s Department which ended the first day of this month.  “I’ve got a hankering for some donuts,” Crumbpacker said. “Besides, Bud will probably be there more often after he’s evicted than he was before!” he added.

This is just one incident in an ongoing feud between Crumbpacker and Butterworth.  Some have expressed concern that since Pomeroy is Crumbpacker’s son-in-law, the entire issue was orchestrated as a strike against the Sheriff after he arrested Crumbpacker’s dog, Sadie, for disturbing the peace this summer.

“The idea that any of this was intended as an opportunity to embarrass the Sheriff and his fine department is absurd,” Crumbpacker commented.

Sheriff Butterworth was unavailable for comment.  Deputy Barnes however was available for comment.  “I like donuts,” Barnes said.

If the Sheriff refuses to vacate within 30 days, it is unsure at this point whether he will be required to physically escort himself from the property or not.

Author: David Wilson-Burns

I like to write. I have a job. This is a flash bio.

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