Sheriff decries eviction notice, misleading headline

Jolene Butterworth, Education and General Assignment Reporter (wife of Sheriff Butterworth)

(edited for profanity)

In the wake of an eviction notice served on the Clarke’s Mill County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, Sheriff Robert “Bud” Butterworth has vowed to remain in the former Donut Queen Donut Shoppe until a suitable new location can be found.

“That was a [heavy-handed] move by (landlord Horace B.) Crumbpacker. He could have told us months ago if he didn’t want to renew our lease instead of making Jimmy (Deputy James Barnes) serve himself,” Butterworth said. “You’d think he would want to be a better friend to law enforcement.”

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Butterworth also took issue with the Post’s headline about the eviction notice, Sheriff Removed from Office.

“They made it sound like I was impeached or something, when the truth is they ain’t got [nothing] on me,” he said. “And we’re still in the office space, so even saying we’ve been removed is [incorrect]. I mean, [come on].”

A new location for the sheriff’s office may be hard to come by. There has been a dearth of other office and retail space on the Puddlegulch town square since Dollar Colonel and Dollar Bonanza moved in last spring, and a bond issue to build a new Sheriff’s Office to replace the one that burned down failed last month. Moreover, the current location has been retrofitted to include jail facilities.

“It was [no picnic] to retrofit the Donut Queen’s proofing cabinets as holding cells, but they work [like a charm], especially if I heat them up a little,” Butterworth said.

Proofing cabinets before jail cell conversion
Proofing cabinet retrofitted for jail cell

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