Possum Day Reflection from the Editor

December 7th, 1869 – The first Puddlegulchians emerge safely from attack

Another Possum Day has come and gone.  The awards were given for the Possum Day Family Death Pageant.  It was a tough year to judge. The Butterworth’s with their eyes pecked out by our treasured indigenous bird, the needle-nosed brown finch. The McFee-Havershams with their climate change calamity.  And of course the winner, the Aldermans and their flaming holly stakes through the heart; a wonderful holiday touch.

We were all so thankful for Priestess Willow Wolfclaw and The Circle of the Blood Moon coven for serving their award-winning possum chili.  Boy, do those witches know how to cook cornbread! It is their year to host the annual interfaith holiday breakfast. Aside from Possum Hill Church of Christ, THE Church of Christ of Puddlegulch, Puddlegulch Church of Christ, The Second Resurrection Holiness Church, Ignite, and Third Baptist Christ the Beloved Living Water Church–the Douglas Presbyterian Church and The Circle of the Red Moon will have a wonderful ecumenical morning together.

In the spirit of Nathaniel Puddle, I am reflecting on the humble, miraculous o’possum.  Just when you think it looks cute and cuddly, it bares its teeth and hisses. Just when you think it might fight as you rush it, it pretends to be dead and your meal awaits.  I see its spirit in this town in so many ways.

It was 150 years ago when the humble and unashamed people of this town pretended to lay down their lives in order to survive another day…in order for the true Puddlelgulchian spirit to be born in Clarke’s Mills County.

As always, this is the way it happened.  Possum’s honor!

Possum’s honor indeed.

Gordan Geary, Editor and Chief, The Puddlegulch Post

Author: David Wilson-Burns

I like to write. I have a job. This is a flash bio.

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