Local “pastors” caught in web of disguise and deceit

Gordan Geary, Editor in Chief – Reverend Robert Titweiler (aka Reverend Bob Stitt, aka Reverend Rob Lowry) was arrested during an ecumenical Not-Celebrating-Christmas Bean Dinner with Puddlegulch Church of Christ, Possum Hill Church of Christ, and THE Church of Christ of Puddlegulch

“We’ve never gotten together before because Pastor Bob had insisted that our church is the only true Church of Christ in Puddlegulch and that our souls would be in peril if we fellowshipped with the others,” said elder Larry Carrington of THE Church of Christ of Puddlegulch. “But the elders of the three churches got to talking at the Fighting Possum’s game and decided we should put our differences aside in the spirit of not celebrating Christmas.  With some pressure we convinced our pastors to let us do it. But we never expected what happened.”

Mr. Carrington went on to describe a series of disguise mishaps which eventually led to the discovery that Robert Titweiler had in fact been the pastor of all three churches.

“It had occurred to me once that I’d never seen any of those guys in the same room, but I always assumed it was whole ‘peril’ thing,” said Gloria Stensrud of the Possum Hill Church of Christ.

Titweiller was released on bail, but the District Attorney’s office intends to pursue an aggressive investigation into what laws Titweiller may have committed in impersonating a minister.

“I just wanted to serve God,” said a remorseful Titweiler, “I don’t know how it got so out of control.  I’m just glad it’s over. The nightmare is over.”


Author: David Wilson-Burns

I like to write. I have a job. This is a flash bio.

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