Cat’s In The Cradle–Local Woman charged with Fraud

Carl the cat

Burt Gently, Investigative Reporter – A local woman faces charges of fraud, according to the Puddlegulch Sheriff’s office. The accused, Mathilda Mary May, has allegedly been tricking local shopkeepers into giving her various baby supplies.

 Arresting Deputy James P. Barnes had this to say, “From what we can tell, she was going from shop to shop with her calico kitten Carl, wrapped in a baby’s blanket, to buy diapers, baby food, and other items without any payment. According to various witnesses, she was able to elicit sympathy from no less than three store clerks, she was able to make out with as much as $40 in goods.” 

May was arrested after allegedly getting caught trying to scam in Dale’s Discount General out of a case of rubber nipples. We interviewed store owner Dale Jenkins and he told the following story: 

“Well, it was a normal day at the store, I was eatin’ a tuna sandwich at the counter and this woman came up to the counter with a baby in her arms. She went through her purse and said ‘Oh silly me, I left my wallet at home.’ So I was just about to give it to her on the house, being a gentleman and all, and this pussycat done jumped from her arms, and ran off with my sandwich!”

Multiple other store owners have given similar stories, but one mystery remains, why? May has no children, nor any nieces or nephews. Deputy Barnes suspects it’s a “black market scheme”, but that there is “no evidence at this time.”

May may face up to 5 weeks of community service.

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