Chip Chitwood, Sports Editor

Chip’s roots in Puddlegulch sports are deep. His great-grandfather, Charles II, built the first football field for the Fighting Possums. His grandfather, Charles III, was Puddlegulch’s legendary coach, with a career spanning 35 years and a record of 76-270-4 which earned him a spot in the Puddlegulch Sports Hall of Fame. His father, Charles IV, suffered an unfortunate childhood injury which prevented him from playing football. After graduating from Tompauk State with a degree in sports technology, he became the team’s equipment manager, a position he still holds. His brother, Charles V, aka Chuck, is the current football and men’s basketball coach for his beloved Fighting Possums.

Chip and Millie, his wife, met while they were students at Tompauk State. Millie coaches the women’s golf and basketball team at Puddlegulch High. They have three children: Hank, Helen, and Heather. They enjoy hiking, swimming, and kayaking. The family currently reigns as county cornhole champions, family team. They are

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