A Possum Day Reflection

Another Possum Day has come and gone.  The awards were given for the Possum Day Family Death Pageant.  It was a tough year to judge.  The McFee-Havershams with their climate change calamity.  The Butterworth’s with their eyes pecked out by our treasured indigenous bird, the needle-nosed brownfinch.  And of course the winner, the Aldermans and their flaming holly stakes through the heart;  a wonderful holiday touch. read more

Gerald Warwick practicing his annual Possum Day death scene.

Let Sleeping Possums Lie

Chief Editor, Douglas Puddle

November 14th, 2019 – Many concerned parents gathered at the town square to protest the “gruesome display of violence” at the approaching annual Possum Day celebration, but let’s not forget that this town would not exist if it weren’t for gruesome displays of death none of which were actually violent.
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