Jack Studebaker, Reporter

Jack Studebaker studied journalism at Scottsdale Community College.  He put his talents to work while still attending college, writing for the Scottsdale Shopper where he was a 3-time winner of the illustrious G. Gordon Liddy Newshound Award.  His newspaper career was interrupted by his service in the National Guard during the tumultuous Clinton Haircutgate scandal of 1993, but afterward, he continued as a rewrite man and then as a food critic for the Frogville Free Press. He switched to radio in 1999, working for WYAK out of Des Moines for 3 weeks, then went to Manila, Philippines to work for the Manila Information Agency for three years. He then worked for two years as a Minneapolis customer service associate in the foodservice industry before moving back to his childhood hometown of Puddlegulch to become a commentator and special news reporter for the Post, where his use of style and language brought him praise. He’s won further notice for his coverage of the 2015 school desegregation of Chicken Springs, Alabama.

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