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Listing of Religious Services

Advent Message from “Reverend” Pritchard

The Christmas season has become so predictable these days. We see the first signs of the season sometime in mid-October with a Christmas-themed commercial. And then the talking heads begin to cite signs of the perennial so-called “War on Christmas” shortly after. By November we are in a huge debate about which corporation or government institution has now crossed the line in their malevolent attempt to strip Christmas from the culture. read more (if you are a luke-warm Christian)

Hymn Sing

Possum Hill “Church of Christ” will host a hymn sing next Wednesday night. Members only, please.

Sunday Sermon

Join Rev. Alderman Sunday morning at The Second Resurrection Holiness Church 101 W. Elmwood.  Service starts at 9am with Sunday School to follow.  This week’s sermon: The Wages of Sin.

Church Bazaar

The Second Resurrection Holiness Church at 101 W. Elmwood is hosting a Holiday Bazaar fundraiser this weekend Friday through Saturday 9am-3pm. What doesn’t get sold will be used as an illustration in Rev. Alderman’s Sunday morning sermon. 

For a small “donation” you can have lunch with Rev. Alderman.

Handmade crafts, baked goods, jewelry, chicken salad sandwiches.

Sit In

Douglas Gulch Presbyterian Church will be holding a sit in Saturday at 9 am for persons with color vision deficiency (CVD) by the television display at Wal-Mart. Color for all!

Smoothie Night

Join the Ignite praise crew for Praise and Smoothie Night next Friday. All smoothies will half price and energy shots (for extra praise energy) will be free for all first time guests. 

Covered Dish Dinner

Puddlegulch Church of Christ will be hosting a covered dish dinner next Wednesday night. Ladies, in addition to covering your dishes, please be sure to cover all body parts below the neck. We are all covered in Christ’s blood, but that doesn’t mean people should see your cleavage.

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