Religious Services

Puddlegulch Church of ChristRev. Robert TitweilerSundays 9 am
Possum Hill Church of ChristRev. Bob StittSundays 10 am
THE Church of Christ of PuddlegulchRev. Rob LowrySundays 11 am
The Second Resurrection Holiness ChurchRev. Peter AldermanSunday 10:45 (coffee and donuts at 10)
IgniteChaz Striker11 am (cash espresso bar opens at 10:15)
Third Baptist Christ the Beloved Living Water ChurchRev. John Paul Toperzer Sunday 8 am and 11 am and 7 pm until the preacher is done. Wednesday 7 pm, Friday 7 pm, Men’s group Saturday 8 am, and Woman’s Fancy Hat Bible Study Saturday 2 pm.
Our Lady of Perpetual Complaints ChurchFather Burl TaloriousAll masses all the time
Douglas Gulch Presbyterian ChurchRev. Pauline PritchardSunday 10:50 – 11:55. This is an inclusive, eye-contact free, movement-optional service
Circle of the Blood MoonPriestess Willow WolfclawSaturdays at midnight except for full moons. Full moon services held on the night of on Little Hill (sky clad)
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