Gordon Geary, Editor in Chief

Gordon was born and raised in Puddlegulch.  He graduated from Puddlegulch High in 1979 as Valedictorian, Most Likely To Go To College, and Possum King.  He attended North Southeastern State and graduated with a communications degree with a minor in zoology.  He is the second leading expert on “opossums” in Clarke’s Mill County. Gordon has been writing for The Puddlegulch Post since 1983 and succeeded Nathaniel Puddle, IV as Editor in Chief in 2003.

Jack Studebaker, Reporter

Jack Studebaker studied journalism at Scottsdale Community College.  He put his talents to work while still attending college, writing for the Scottsdale Shopper where he was a 3-time winner of the illustrious G. Gordon Liddy Newshound Award.  His newspaper career was interrupted by his service in the National Guard during the tumultuous Clinton Haircutgate scandal of 1993, but afterward, he continued as a rewrite man and then as a food critic for the Frogville Free Press. He switched to radio in 1999, working for WYAK out of Des Moines for 3 weeks, then went to Manila, Philippines to work for the Manila Information Agency for three years. He then worked for two years as a Minneapolis customer service associate in the foodservice industry before moving back to his childhood hometown of Puddlegulch to become a commentator and special news reporter for the Post, where his use of style and language brought him praise. He’s won further notice for his coverage of the 2015 school desegregation of Chicken Springs, Alabama.

Burt Gently, Investigative Reporter

Burt was Editor-In-Chief at the Possum Press at Puddlegulch High. He was offered a job straight out of high school after his exposé on the Fighting Possums Coach Anderson’s money-laundering scheme was deemed by the Post as “the greatest piece of journalism in Puddlegulch history”. Incidentally, the Post main office was experiencing a nasty gas leak that year.

Jolene Butterworth, Education and General Assignment Reporter

Jolene Butterworth covers education and general assignments for the Post. She is a graduate of Puddlegulch High School and attended East South Central State. She is the proud mother of Braden, Jaden, and Caden and proud wife of Sheriff Robert “Bud” Butterworth. Jolene is president for life of the Puddlegulch Elementary PTA.

Bonita Mae Hogwallop, Society Columnist

Bonita Mae Hogwallop is a Puddlegulch native having been born and raised in the Third Baptist Christ the Beloved Living Water Church.  You may remember that she and her twin sister, Wanita June were Possum Queen and Princess for 7 straight years. After graduating Puddlegulch High, Bonita attended the School of Professionalism Journalism in nearby Standing Water where she graduated with honors.  She has written for the paper in Standing Water, Elmworm and submitted many stories to the Washington Post and New York Times. She returned to her roots and is currently the head Society Page Editor and writer of the What’s Up Today with Bonita Mae column. She is known for her keen sense of fashion and a nose for finding the not fake truth.

Chip Chitwood, Sports Editor

Chip’s roots in Puddlegulch sports are deep. His great-grandfather, Charles II, built the first football field for the Fighting Possums. His grandfather, Charles III, was Puddlegulch’s legendary coach, with a career spanning 35 years and a record of 76-270-4 which earned him a spot in the Puddlegulch Sports Hall of Fame. His father, Charles IV, suffered an unfortunate childhood injury which prevented him from playing football. After graduating from Tompauk State with a degree in sports technology, he became the team’s equipment manager, a position he still holds. His brother, Charles V, aka Chuck, is the current football and men’s basketball coach for his beloved Fighting Possums.

Chip and Millie, his wife, met while they were students at Tompauk State. Millie coaches the women’s golf and basketball team at Puddlegulch High. They have three children: Hank, Helen, and Heather. They enjoy hiking, swimming, and kayaking. The family currently reigns as county cornhole champions, family team. They are members of Our Lady of Perpetual Complaints Church.

Kippy Carmichael, Religion Editor

Kippy is a three time winner of the Red Velvet Possum Cake Competition and faithful servant of “The Lord JC”.

Kaylie Pham, Copy Editor

Kaylie graduated 44th in her class at Northeast Western University with a bachelorette in literature.  She was born in nearby Tompauk and graduated from Tompauk High where she was on the debate team and the cheerleader squad for the Tompauk High Centaurs.  She is an expert in the Grammarly spell-checking browser plugin and Google Docs both of which we will have Ezekial Jones, Puddlegulch Internet Telephone and Computer Technical Support Specialist, explain to us.  She lives with her cat, Kraylie, and she is a barista at the Ignite Church lobby expresso bar.

Douglas Puddle, Obituaries and Classifieds

Douglas Puddle graduated top of his class at the prestigious UC Berkely Graduate School of Journalism in 2002. He began his career at the Los Angeles Times as an investigative reporter at which time he was included in the “Top 10 Thin-Skinned Men of Journalism of 2003” by L.A. Lady’s Journal.  He soon after returned to Puddlegulch to “fulfill his family’s destiny or whatever” as staff on the Puddlegulch Post.  Douglas comes from a long line of Puddle newsmen starting with the legendary Nathaniel Puddle, the founder and the first Editor in Chief of the paper.

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