Local Celebrity Author Surprises Puddlegulch with New Book

3ae50f672bc9ba7c963c3af423aa96c0 (2)Chuck Hassler, author of the thrilling 1978 debut western novel  “Colt Hardcastle & The Persimmon Hill Posse,” announced yesterday that he will be publishing a long-awaited second book.

“I was down at the Bluebird Diner drinking a cup of coffee with Joe Whistler,” said Greg Fiddlestone, diner regular, once accused of bribing the mayor with Elsie’s apple betty and possibly hitting a possum and leaving it for dead , “and local celebrity author Chuck Hassler come in easy as you please and sits down at the counter next to Danny Weedlemeyer and orders the Hardcastle Special; hashbrowns, two strips of burnt bacon, one egg fried hard, a side of pinto beans, and a blade of prairie grass to chew on when you’re done…just like old Colt. That’s when I heard him say it.  He says ‘I just sent it to the publisher.  Should be coming out in stores by summer.’  I heard it clear as day. Possum’s Honor!”

The Post later asked Mr. Hassler, what the book was about, and he said, “Well, it’s a memoir.  When you’ve lived the kind of local celebrity life I’ve lived, you come to understand some important truths.  In my book, in my thrilling 1978 debut western novel, Colt Hardcastle & The Permisson Hill Posse, old Colt once said ‘The life of a bounty hunter is a lonely life and ain’t no posse and no woman gonna tell me how to live it.'”

He assured the Post that the book had nothing to do with his wife Rose Hassler, teacher of the English and English for Math and former Puddlegulch Post copy editor.

Look for “Chuck Hassler: The Burden of Local Celebrity” at Florenstein’s Books sometime this summer.