Rose Hassler, Copy Editor

shutterstock_99180623 (2)Rose Hassler has taught English and English for Math at Puddlegulch High since 1984 and is married to local celebrity author Chuck Hassler who has received many positive comments from Puddlegulchians over the years for his thrilling 1978 debut western novel  “Colt Hardcastle & The Persimmon Hill Posse.” Rose has been invited to join the Puddlegulch Post staff after 152 letters to the editor over 30 years for grammar and spelling errors. There are rumors that her husband is writing a sequel to “Colt Hardcastle & The Persimmon Hill Posse” called “Colt Hardcastle and the Grandchildren of The Persimmon Hill Posse.”  We at The Puddlegulch Post are happy to welcome Chuck’s new novel.

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