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Sweet Pastures Nursing Village and Retirement Home to Crown Queen

It’s that time of year again!  The Possum Festival means that The Sweet Pastures Nursing Village and Retirement Home will be crowning this year’s Queen Sweet and put her out to Pasture. read more

Good and Blessed morning to all y’all Puddlegulchians.  I know my twin sister, Wanita June over in Standing Rock has gotten you wondering if you’re called Piddlians but we all know the correct terminology.  Why would we want to be called what your sweet dog does on the neighbor’s Begonias when he’s let out to do his business?  

It’s going to be quite a week here in Puddlegulch when it comes to fun and interesting activities.  First of all there is the annual Possum Cookoff at Town Hall to commemorate the late Mayor’s birthday.  I expect everyone who has a decent Possum recipe to get out there and show your chops so to speak.  Flona Forenstein needs some competition after having won the last two years with her Possum a la Granola.   I heard she got that recipe from a magazine back in 94.  

Next on the venue, is the monthly Knit Kickers meeting where I’m sure they will begin planning their annual clothes drive.  I know many of you think they should begin accepting garments made out of something other than yarn, but I guess they have to stick to their beliefs.  On that note, I have been asked to tell you that they still have those 3 dozen single socks with no matching mate that they have been trying to give away since last January.  If you know someone with one leg, speak up.

And finally, I have to mention the Puddlegulch Pipers are holding a membership drive once again.  These bagpipers truly want your membership in their burgeoning band.  Even though there are only two of them right now, they are sure that there are other prospective members in our fair town.  Minnie Macintosh is quoted as saying “We can surely find someone to fill out our sound.  Carolyn (MacIntosh) is great at holding the bag but with only me holding and playing the pipe, the sound can be a bit thin”.  Let’s support these great gals and as they seek to grow their music.

Other Upcoming events:
Chocoholics Anonymous

Christmas Toy and Pheasant Drive

Chocolate Festival and tasting

Annual Debutantes Come out and Skeet contest.

See all of you out and about!

Bonita Mae Hogwallop

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